How to Troubleshoot the UB Code on a Samsung Washing Machine

Ub error indicates unbalance load in the drum of a washing machine. This error usually occurs on the 3rd, 7th or 9th minute of the spin cycle, but it may also appear some any other time after the start of the spin cycle.

unbalanced load in the drum of a washing machine

It is worth to note that Samsung washing machine ub code is mostly an informational one. To determine whether there is an actual breakdown, simply start the shortest program without any laundry and detergent. If Ub error occurs even in this mode, then most likely we are talking about a malfunction.

Ub error – how to fix it

Below are the most common causes of this error code and ways how to eliminate them.

  • Imbalanced load. You may have put one big thing and a few small items (for example, a duvet cover and several T-shirts) or you may have washed things that are significantly different in the type of fabric and their water absorption properties. This is why Samsung washing machine cannot evenly distribute the laundry around the drum and displays the error. Try to open the door of the washer and manually distribute the laundry all over the drum. If the error occurs again, try setting the spin program at a lower speed.
  • If the weight of laundry exceeds the maximum load weight recommended by manufacturer, then inability of the washer to start spin mode and the UE error you see on display is a quite normal reaction to improper operation. Remove some laundry and run the spin again. Load the laundry you removed separately and start the spin one more time.
  • Insufficient load. This factor may also make the washer distribute the weight in the drum unevenly. In this case, take two small clean towels, pour them with water, then put them in the washing machine and start the spin again. Sometimes programs with lower spin speed may also help with insufficient load issue.
  • Failure of the control module. Try to disconnect the washer from the power supply for 10-15 minutes, and why turn it on again. Perhaps the error is caused by a random “glitch” in the control module.
  • The washing machine stands on an uneven surface. Because of the wrong angle, Samsung washing machine cannot evenly distribute the load – especially during the spin cycle – and displays error E4 or UE. Use a horizontal marker and adjust the legs to balance the washer and make it stand horizontally.